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Coerver Futsal Academy (GEMS) - Semester 1 2019


Location: GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Dates: 26th October - 2nd / 9th / 16th / 23rd / 30th November

Times: 2-330pm (8-12 yrs)

Gender: Boys and Girls

Price: $32 per session (If already signed up in a present Coerver program please enquire for session discounts)

Inclusions: 6 professional training sessions, Full training Kit, Certificate

Head Futsal Coach: Din


Why Futsal & Coerver® Coaching are perfect partners

·       Futsal is skill based

·       Futsal needs high levels of ball mastery & 1v1

·       Futsal is a small sided game

·       The Coerver Attacking Philosophy mirrors the Futsal Game



Ball Mastery: The Foundation. The touch, control and confidence that affects every other part of the pyramid. All Ball Mastery exercises' are applicable for Futsal, but in particular any with sole of foot.

Receiving Passing: The teamwork skills. Without them little is possible Receiving with sole of foot. Push with sole of foot once received in one motion.

1v1 & 2 v 2 (Attack): Individual skills to keep possession and create space & time to Pass, Run or Shoot. Focus on Moves using the sole.

1 v 1 & 2 v 2 (Defense): Every players function Pressing, Winning, Keeping.

Speed: Improving mental and physical speed.

Finishing: Scoring skills around the box. Includes use of toe due to lack of time and the defender being close . Use low back lift in striking the ball.

Group Play: Putting it all together. Combinations, Fast Break Attack, Small Group Press

Quick Information

26/10/2019 - 30/11/2019

GEMS World Academy (Singapore)


8-12 years

272.00 SGD


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